Le TONY&GUY experience. :)

TONY&GUY, Randwick

Stylist: Seng-Kyu (sp?)

I have nooooo I dea how to spell his name. I’m assuming he’s Korean(?). So far, I can say he’s the best hairstylist I’ve ever gone to. Very meticulous and his attention to detail was amazing. Had the left side of my head cut extremely short and the ends of the rest of my hair trimmed. Service at the salon was awesome and the other stylists are very friendly, too. A couple of weeks ago, le boyfie had his afro trimmed at the same salon and they never fail to amaze us with their skills. :) Haircut starts at $92 but with our Arc membership it came down to just $65 and $65 worth paying. 

Haven’t gone to the salon in almost 2 years since I got my boy cut hair, and today was extremely a treat for me. :) Can’t wait to rock out at Piano Room this Friday for our gig with my new haircut. :)

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  • 2 years ago